Cooling Appliances

Cooling Appliances


Temperature on the rise. Patience on an all time low. Traffic all fired up. Kenstar knows how irritating the scorching heat can be sometimes. This is why we bring to you an exclusive range of smart air conditioner. The best part, they are silent. After all, cooling is something better experienced than heard. You don’t want a noisy box to break in to your peaceful home. The use of smart technology not just ensures adaptive cooling but also makes sure the air you breathe is dust-free.

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When the heat outside is mean, all you need is something perfect. Not too cold. Not too ineffective. But a perfectly managed room temperature. That is where Kenstar Air coolers step in. Equipped with latest Quadra-Flow Technology, the air-cooling range fuels powerful and constant airflow in every direction. This makes it perfect for indoor as well as outdoor cooling needs. The air coolers not only prove to be efficient but its N-Dura life technology adds extra years to its performance.

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Smart households call for smarter solutions. This is why Kenstar brings to you the ‘smartest’ and the ‘most awaited’ premium quality range of Smart Fans. They are designed to offer comfort and convenience literally at your fingertips. Handcrafted with fine quality materials, Kenstar Smart Fans come with remote control access. The edgy designs and trendy blades not just give your rooms a premium look but also let you feel like a king. Explore a unique class of smart ceiling fans and let your fingers do the cooling.

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Are the summers roasting you day in and day out? Beat the heat with Kenstar’s versatile cooling solutions. Many might not realize, but a happy, cool environment makes you calmer and helps you stay in a good mood too. There are a zillion things you might have to deal with every day. Imagine doing all that with a wretched mood. Not desirable at all. Which is why Kenstar makes sure, when you’re at home, you feel at home. Away from all the heat.
With state-of -the-art technology and stylish features, the range not just offers better ambience at home but also ensures high power savings too. Take a look for yourself, how Kenstar can make your homes cooler, calmer and happy.