Rice Cookers

Cookmate (KRC18W1P-RCS)

MRP ₹ 2 345.00
  • 1.8 l Capacity
  • 700 Watt
  • Cook & Keep Warm
  • Steam Basket
  • 1.8 l Capacity

    Higher capacity lets you cook more in one go for the family.

  • 700 W

    Higher wattage cooks food faster.

  • Stylish Design

    Unique stylish body design for asthecial looks.

  • Cook & Keep Warm

    This function helps to cook the food and also keep it warm till not consumed.

  • Steam Basket

    This basket is useful for making steamed food items like momo.

  • Rice Cup & Spatula

    Rice cup for measuring the amount of rice to be cooked and spatula for stirring the contents.

  • Model
  • Model Number
  • RCO Capacity
    1.8 Litre
  • RCO Power
  • Function
    Cook & Keep Warm
  • Steam Basket
  • Rice Cup & Spatula
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