Cooking Appliances

Cooking Appliances


Kenstar aims to gift you not just convenience, but safety as well. That’s why it introduced a range of induction cooktops, a safer alternative to conventional gas stoves. Kenstar induction cooktops promise delectable meals to your loved ones and complete safety to you. The instant and precise heat control not just ensures faster cooking, but also facilitates uniform heating. They are designed in a way so that they are easy to clean and blend in with any kitchen décor. Kenstar induction cooktops prove that safety and style can go hand in hand.

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Keep searching for tasty recipes, and we’ll make sure you get it right. Introducing Kenstar’s elaborate range of Microwave Ovens. With powerful top grill and microwave energy, the Kenstar Microwave Ovens help in deep, even cooking of food in 20% lesser time. Also, the food is cooked at a much lower temperature with minimum oil which makes every dish a healthy culinary delight.

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We’ve all yearned for a yummy snack that could be enjoyed without guilt. Truth be told, taste and health have never really co-existed, right? Kenstar Oxy Fryer just made it possible. Enjoy all those drool-worthy snacks, starters, baked desserts without those pointless calories. The revolutionary Kenstar Oxy Fryer uses air instead of oil. Sounds magical but it’s true. This helps the food in retaining its taste and crispness to keep the crunching and munching going. Ideal for people who are weight conscious and for those who have blood cholesterol problems. Now don’t just fry it, Oxy Fry it.

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Tired of choosing between reaching office on time or having a hearty breakfast? Choose to do both with elegant and handy Kenstar’s range of Pop-Up Toasters. With dual slots to toast, and a higher power efficiency, they ready your toasts in no time. What’s more, their advanced features and sleek designs come with a non-stick grill plate which enables easier cleaning. So, choose to have a crunchy, scrumptious breakfast with a Kenstar Pop-Up Toaster.

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Get set for unlimited bowls of piping hot steamed rice, prepared within minutes with the Kenstar Rice Cookers. The Kenstar Rice Cookers not just allow health freaks to prepare extremely healthy dishes, but also preserve the freshness and nutrition at the same time.

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If your taste buds yearn enjoy delectable grilled or toasted sandwich, make sure you have a Kenstar Sandwich Maker in your kitchen. Safe and user-friendly, these sandwich makers are exactly what is missing in your kitchen. Their ‘Power On’ and ‘Sandwich Ready’ indicators let you prepare a hassle-free meal. To sum it up, Kenstar sandwich makers are something your kitchen can’t do without.

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Gone are the times when you had to get out of your cosy homes into the mind numbing traffic and spend oodles of cash, just to eat what you craved for. The tables have turned. Just decide what you feel like munching to, and have it grilled, toasted, sandwiched, microwaved, or air fried with the Kenstar Cooking Range. With their user-friendly and safety features, Kenstar Cooking appliances are what your kitchen always needed. The microwave ovens to bake and cook tasty & healthy meal just at the touch of a button. That’s not all, you can renew your love for fried food without oil with Kenstar Oxy Fryer. The Induction Cooktop takes away all the hassle of cooking and other range of cooking appliances like Rice Cooker, Sandwich Maker and Pop-up Toaster makes the entire cooking experience easy and tasty food. The range have been carefully designed, so that they are easy to clean and easy to blend in with any kitchen décor. Kenstar Cooking Range not just allows health freaks to prepare extremely healthy dishes like, but also preserves the taste and nutrition at the same time. And for those who live for food, get ready to treat those taste buds to a gazillion new dishes you can make with a Kenstar.