Why join kenstar?

At Kenstar we believe that our biggest strength is our people. A vibrant and dynamic organization which not only thrives on working hard but also offers tremendous growth opportunities for people with world class training, wide career path options to succeed and realize their potential. It’s a place where people convert their passion into work.

We recognize our people for their dedication, commitment and results; which in turn boost their morale, increase productivity, enthusiasm and create powerful motivators. We are always looking for self-motivated, dynamic thinkers who would partner with us in our ambitious endeavours.

Apart from work, we also take pride in maintaining a vibrant office social culture. We find opportunities to celebrate, not only our achievements but the rich backgrounds and cultures of our team members.

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  • Creativity & Autonomy

    An individual's creativity is the basisfor value creation.

  • Equal opportunities

    Equal opportunities build trust among people.

  • Long-term Perspective

    Maintaining a long-term perspective is the foundation for Kenstar's HR policies.

  • Learning & Growth

    Kenstar offers diverse training programs to its employees based on their position.

Kenstar provides diversified appliances product portfolio which is in reach to every family in country. We enjoys the position of being one of the most preferred premium brands in India.