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Why Consider A Dual Cooling System For Your Home?

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A dual cooling system is one that combines the benefits of an air coolers and air conditioning system. This helps in effectively cooling your home while not only making it more comfortable but energy-efficient also. This aids in protecting the environment, improving efficiency and significantly reducing costs. You can control your indoor cooling environment while lowering your energy bills by adjusting the temperature to a comfortable level.

• Air coolers vs Conventional Air Conditioners

Kenstar air coolers come at a lower price, are more energy efficient and hence more environmentally friendly compared to conventional air conditioners. Air coolers range from portable ones which can be readily hauled to window-mounted coolers for maximizing space utilization while providing a considerable cooling.

For those that are environmentally-conscious consumers, air coolers would be ideal. They utilize a natural process to cool the atmosphere and do not add ozone-harming pollutants to the environment. As compared to air conditioners, coolers have less harmful effects on your health.

• Dual System for Optimal Cooling

While coolers are beneficial in many aspects, they are not always effective for big houses and hotter temperatures. Using a dual cooling system for your home is, therefore, ideal. It allows you to alternate between two cooling sources, depending on outdoor conditions. During low humidity, the air cooler can be used to cool the home with less energy. During hot and humid times, your AC reduces the humidity of your room environment in lesser time.

For low humidity conditions, using air coolers feel like standing in front of a waterfall as the cooling occurs through water evaporation. It adds moisture to a desert climate. For humid conditions, it is necessary to absorb out the moisture of the air. This is the time you will need to switch over to the AC. Air coolers can pre-cool your home and reduce the cooling required from the air conditioner. Reducing the use of air conditioners leads to considerable energy savings.

A few other things to keep in mind to increase the efficiency of your cooler are to keep the drapes in your room shut to avoid excess heat from entering. Also, finding the perfect place for installing your air cooler can help you lower the temperature effectively.

• Kenstar Air Coolers

For a comfortable cooling experience in your home, use a Kenstar cooler along with your AC. Kenstar air coolers offer a versatile range of modern, elegant coolers that provides efficient cooling for every kind of Indian summer. Choose from our wide variety of cooler ideal for every space and every cooling need.

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