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Welcome The Winter With Kenstar Water Heaters

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Winter is coming! And unlike in Game of Thrones, in our case, it is quite welcoming. With November well on its way, winter will soon come knocking on our doors. When New Year approaches, it will only keep getting colder. Although the intensity of the winter chills may vary across the country, one common thing would be the need for a water heater.

Whether for long hot showers or for use in the kitchen, water heater becomes an absolute necessity to combat the winters. You also have choices when choosing the right water heater for your home. They come in various shapes, sizes, functionality and features to give you maximum comfort with convenience.

Kenstar Water Heaters

Kenstar Water Heaters

With a global presence in over 20 countries, Kenstar’s modern and elegant products have been introducing a contemporary, global lifestyle to India for over 22 years. And water heaters aren’t an exception. With contemporary designs and minimal looks, our water heaters come in various capacities and functionalities so that you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Here are some ways our water heaters can heat up your winters:

Reduce the chills, while saving energy

Reduce the chills, while saving energy

Earlier, water heaters used to come with inefficient electrical components which offered no control options whatsoever. Hence, there was wastage of electricity and expensive bills. The scenario is quite different today. With the advent of modern technology, water heaters now come with energy-efficient designs. Kenstar water heaters are 5-star BEE rated, so they help you save on your energy bills while you enjoy hot water anytime.

Easy-to-use, on-demand hot water

Easy-to-use, on-demand hot water

Today, we manufacture water heaters for all kinds of use and every household needs. Our water heaters cater to diverse geographies and climates across the country. Earlier, water heaters came without much flexibility; they didn’t retain hot water for long and also had many other usability limitations. Our water heaters are easy-to-use in any space like bathrooms, kitchens and commercial or retail spaces. Our range of instant electric water heaters provides water on-demand and also features modern designs.

Modern features for modern spaces

Modern features for modern spaces

Our top range water heaters are included with safety and functionality features like temperature-sensitive LED indicators, real-time temperature display, shock safe plug and more. These state-of-the-art technologies have made usage of heaters safer and also add to the functionality of retaining the hotness of water for a longer time. Also, the stylish designs compliment your modern sensibilities and add to the sparkle of any space.

Uninterrupted, for a long time to come

Uninterrupted, for a long time to come

Our water heaters use glassline coating that makes the tanks immune to rust and shock. This sturdy body construction delivers long-lasting performance, durability, with continued ease of operation, and also utmost safety. The 8-bar pressure handling capacity allows them to withstand high water pressure, common in high rise buildings. Enjoy instant hot water at the flick of a switch, for a long time to come.

So, this winter, bring home a cost-effective and convenient way of heating water with Kenstar geysers. Our instant water heaters are able to support the endless hot water needs required for bathing. Their compact shape saves much space and its high working-efficiency reduces heating costs to a large extent. Check out our entire range of heating solutions.


When you choose from our range of water heaters, be assured of world-class quality, multi-mode pan-India service support; unique ‘Online Service Request’ and ‘Additional Warranty at Zero Cost’. In short, you will enjoy complete peace of mind.

Longer Warranty

Every Kenstar water heater comes with a product warranty of 2 years. Over and above these 2 years, you can avail ‘Additional Warranty of Two Months at Zero Cost’ by simply registering your Kenstar product online.

To get your additional 2-month warranty at zero cost:
Register your Kenstar product at

Stronger Support

Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances.
350+ service centres across India

Hassle-Free Servicing

Servicing your Kenstar home appliance is easier than ever. To raise a quick servicing request in minutes, simply:


Email your service request to

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