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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Sandwich Maker

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A sandwich maker is an interesting addition to your kitchen. This appliance is ideal for sandwich lovers as it makes the process ten times easier and you get perfectly grilled sandwiches whenever you want. Sandwich makers used with some hacks can become one of those useful kitchen appliances for making various delicious snacks apart from grilled sandwiches.

Here are some things to check when buying a sandwich maker.

Cooking Surface

The cooking surface of a sandwich is an essential factor to consider. The surface of sandwich makers is always non-stick. While some have a ceramic coating, others use a Teflon coating. Kitchen appliances like these cannot be washed directly with water and cleaned with a damp cloth when cool. A non-stick surface ensures easy cleaning and maintenance of a sandwich maker. Imagine making yourself a quick and delicious sandwich snack with some cheese that melts out the sides of the bread onto the surface and not being able to clean it for your next use. It would end up being unhygienic or simply an inconvenience. Another advantage of choosing non-stick surfaces is that it allows you to make your snack with very little or no oil enabling you to make healthier snack choices.

Most sandwich maker surfaces also come with deep ridges that give a nice grilled look to your food. Deeper non-stick grooves like the ones found in the BIGFILL sandwich maker by Kenstar home appliances allows you to make sandwiches with deeper fillings.

Appliance Size and Purpose

To buy a sandwich maker, you must also consider the size of the appliance. The size of kitchen appliances and your requirement of it usually depends on the number of family members and how often you will use it. The appliance’s size would determine how big a sandwich you would be able to make in them and how much it would allow you to make in one go. Large sandwich makers can be useful if you plan to make one filling sandwich instead of multiple ones. Smaller ones would be quicker to cook in and consume less electricity. The size of the appliance would also determine its price.


The handle of a sandwich maker or any kitchen appliance is a crucial factor to consider. Cheap plastic handles for kitchen appliances that heat up will not be durable in the long term. Choose good quality handles to ensure they can withstand the heat, are easy to clean and provide proper insulation for you to hold them while cooking. Kenstar home appliances consider factors such as these in making ergonomic designs. The cool-touch handle feature by Kenstar allows you to handle the sandwich maker with ease.

Modern sandwich makers are designed to serve multiple purposes. They enable you to come up with easy and scrumptious snacks without taking much time or effort. Consider these factors before opting for a sandwich maker that best suits your needs. Kenstar BIGFILL sandwich maker addresses your very basic kitchen needs and comes with a 2-year warranty. A durable and efficient product will last you a long time in satisfying your hunger pangs.


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