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Types of Ceiling Fans for Each Room in Your Home


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A ceiling fan not only helps you keep your room cool, but a well-chosen ceiling fan can also add to the design aesthetics of a room. Modern ceiling fans can nicely complement your décor and style. It is important to select fans that work with your other design elements like colours, façades or detailing and not against them.

Understanding this fact we, at Kenstar, have designed a wide range of fans that caters to diverse tastes. Our product categories offer a variety of colours, materials and shapes so that you're sure to find a suitable fan for each room. Kenstar fans also come with a 12 months warranty, which gives you complete peace of mind. Over and above these 12 months, you can avail ‘Additional Warranty of Two Months at Zero Cost’ by simply registering your Kenstar product online at

Now, let’s take a look at the rooms in the house and see how a designer ceiling fan can make an appealing difference to the whole look and feel of that room.

Living Room

It’s a room where your family spends time together watching television, talking about the day and bonding with each other. It’s also the space where you generally entertain guests and choosing a fan that makes a bold statement is the way to go.
Suggested Fan: ANTIQ


Your bedroom is your private space. It’s a room that provides a quiet corner after a hectic workday. Here, a ceiling fan that has a dust-resistant paint is perfect as it makes cleaning easy and also provides a soothing atmosphere.
Suggested Fan: KLASSY

Recreational Room

Whether you are working out, grooving to your favourite music or playing a game, you will need good air circulation in this room. So, a good-quality, high-speed ceiling fan that gives a superlative performance works best here.
Suggested Fan: ENERGETIK

Kid's Room

Children’s rooms are generally decorated in bright colours with a lot of elements that entice a kid’s imaginations. So you need a fan that will not only keep the air circulating but also add a pop of colour or stylish touch to your child's bedroom.
Suggested Fan: TOONTROOP


Kitchen is the heart of a home and also the hottest room in there. A superior cooling performing fan that also complements the kitchen décor is apt here. Additionally, superior air-flow ensures that the smoke and steam from cooking does not bother the people in the room.
Suggested Fan: ARCTIC PLUS


Balconies are where you can create an outdoor space in your house. But when there is no natural breeze, you may start feeling hot and sweaty. So a small ceiling fan will make your private outdoor space cool and comfortable. Small ceiling fans are a great option for Puja rooms and small rooms inside the house.
Suggested Fan: GLAM 4 BLADE

Make your home perfect by choosing the best ceiling fans in India from Kenstar. The right fans will not only make you feel more comfortable but also add to the look of your rooms. Check out the entire range of Kenstar ceiling fan and home appliances

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