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5 Tips To Make Your Kids' Room Interiors Pop


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Creating a playful space for your little one to play and grow can be a fun experience. Kids are fascinated by colourful objects, their favourite cartoon characters on walls, furniture etc. Every kid desires a decorated room that helps them in realizing their imaginations.

Adding quirky and fun elements like cartoons on small ceiling fans, colours that pop out, and playful furniture might be a great way to spruce up your kids’ rooms! Here are some long term tips to decorate a room.

1. Limit the use of specific themes –

Limit the use of specific themes

Don’t decorate or style the room in a specific theme. Children learn new things every day and quickly lose interest in older things. Use versatile or multi-purpose pieces in different ways as your kid grows.

For example, a high-speed ceiling fan with patterns or cartoons is an excellent long term investment. Your children are less likely to lose interest. Use shelves for toys, books, and multiple accessories for long term use. Instead of opting for wallpapers, use wall frames or prints that can be replaced with new ones from time to time.

2. Add fun, attractive elements –

 Add fun, attractive elements

The Kenstar Ceiling Fan with cartoons or floral patterns, for example, is the perfect choice for children that are imaginative.

Fun and colourful ceilings fans keep kids happy and engaged and infuse some freshness in the room. Fans are indeed a long term investment, and a fan that pops with colour is a must-have for your children’s bedroom!

3. Choose the colour combination carefully  –

Choose the colour combination carefully

Most kids love loud and bold colours, but they gradually start to prefer more subtle toned-down colours as they grow. In that case, it is best to choose neutral colours with a dash of colour here and there.

Kenstar Ceiling Fan for kids is available in different colour patterns and designs that are versatile. Keep the room colour minimalist with colourful pieces of furniture or accessories thrown in for a spot of brightness.

4. Pick fun and interesting furniture  –

Pick fun and interesting furniture

The furniture choice and colour combination makes a significant difference in kids room interiors. Choose staple furniture that kids can use till their teenage years.

Add fun elements like lights, small ceiling fans or colourful decor that brighten the room. Use accessories or sets that can be replaced from time to time.

5. Style the room with learning essentials  –

Style the room with learning essentials

Your kid's growing up stage is essential and hence use decor or elements that fuel their creativity. The high-speed ceiling fan with cartoon characters will boost their imagination.

Choosing art and decor that’s educational helps kids stay connected to their learning process. Style the room keeping your kid’s vivid imagination in mind.

One of the best ceiling fans in India that doubles up as a fun decor element for kids is the TOONTROOP ceiling fan. TOONTROOP comes in colours and patterns that nurture your children’s creativity. It’s aerodynamically designed blades offers high air delivery, double ball bearing adds to the durability, wide aluminium blades deliver better airflow and is low-voltage compatible.

If you’ve been looking for kids room decor ideas, TOONTROOP is your best choice for its beautiful design and utility. It comes with two years of warranty, delivers high air quality, and its broad blades ensure perfectly smooth airflow.


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