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Tips For Staying Comfy In The Winter Season

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Kenstar 19 Oct 2020 Views 689 0

Winters are almost here! And like any other season in India, winter too has its pros and cons. While this season elevates the festive mood across the country, it also brings along the challenges brought by the cold. Waking up in the mornings becomes tough and it becomes tougher to push yourself to take a shower. Most people feel like spending more time indoors and they’d want to make their home as comfortable as possible during winters.

So here we are, sharing a few winter tips to make your winters warm and comfortable.

1. Switch to thicker curtains:

Just the way you protect yourself with pullovers and jackets, go in for thick curtains instead of thin ones. They will play their part in keeping your home comparatively warm.

2. Level Up The Cosiness with Room Heaters:

Add that extra bit of coziness to your room by keeping it warm on unnaturally cold days with useful electric room heaters. Kenstar allows you to choose from sleek and trendy room heaters for the extra warmth you need.

3. A Warm, Refreshing Shower is Just What You Need:

We know how much you love to snuggle in your bed beneath those soft, comfy quilts and it takes a lifetime of will to go for a shower. We’ve got you covered though with Kenstar’s smart and efficient water heaters. Take a refreshing warm shower till you’re set to start the day with these energy-efficient Kenstar water heaters.

4. Don’t Forget to Keep Your Skin Moisturised:

Winters can cause your skin to go dry frightfully. Keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. It’s best to moisturize your skin just after taking a shower.

5. Explore Warm Foods and Beverages:

Cold winters and warm food make a great combination. Try out various recipes of soups. You can also give in to some hot desserts to brighten up your mood. Intake hot or warm water to keep your health in check. Explore hot beverages like tea or coffee or anything that attracts you. You can check out some interesting recipes here:


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