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Tips For Cleaning Your Mixer Grinder Jar Efficiently

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Mixers are indispensable to kitchens across the world for their sheer utility. Their unmatched popularity comes with a lot of cleaning hassles. Most people find it challenging to figure out the right ways to keep them clean.

You would have come across many solutions and tips which you are not sure about. Here are quick tips that are effective when it comes to cleaning your mixer.

Beat unwanted smell and stains

Conventional ways of cleaning prove to be inefficient at times as strong stains and smells seem genuinely unbeatable. The annoyance of residues can kill all your kitchen pleasures. To avoid such a smelly and tainted reality, some out of the box cleaning tips can take you a long way. Spend a blissful time cooking with the right kitchen appliances and cleaning tips.

Tips for easy cleaning

If you have been trying to jot down the perfect tips to clean your
mixer jar, these top 4 tips are all you need.

  • 1.

    Fight stains with vinegar

If your mixer jar has come to flaunt stains instead of shine over the years, it is time to let the vinegar do the trick. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with water to create the perfect cleaner.

Pour in the magical stain cleaner and let the mixer run for a few seconds. Watch all your stubborn stains disappear. Repeat the process once in two months to keep stains away.

  • 2.

    Let baking powder come to your rescue

Did you know baking powder can do a lot of great things other than helping you bake? Make a thick paste of baking powder and water. Apply the paste thoroughly on the inner and outer surface of the mixer. Let it work for you like the cleaner of your dreams as you leave behind odour and stains. "How to clean mixie?" will no longer be a troubling question as you know all the secrets that work.

  • 3.

    Lemon peels could save the day

Are you throwing away the lemon peels? Think again. It is best to use lemon peels on your mixer's surface to clean it as if it were new. Before you know it, you will end up removing all residue particles, odour, and stains.

  • 4.

    Could you keep it simple with liquid detergent?

Don't undermine the power of a simple liquid detergent. It works best to keep odour away from your mixer. Put in a diluted solution as you let your mixer run for ten seconds. Wash thoroughly with water for the best results.

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