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3 Types Of Coolers To Beat The Indian Summers

 Air Coolers

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Summer is here and in India summers can be quite rough. Some parts of the country experience temperatures up to a scorching 45 degrees Celsius. Choosing the right type of air cooler for your home is very important for effective cooling. In this blog, we will cover what are the options available to you and how to choose the right one. But before that let’s know more about how they work.

How Coolers function
Air coolers consist of a fan, a pump and water-soaked pads. Before you start using it, you will have to fill it with the required quantity of water. When you switch the cooler on, hot air from the surrounding is drawn in and transferred through the water-cooled pads. This lowers the air temperature by a few degrees and this cooled air is then circulated out into the room. Kenstar air coolers are more healthy as they employ the natural way of cooling as compared to air conditioners which use harmful CFCs as coolants.

Types of Coolers

1. Personal Air Cooler

Personal Air Cooler

  • Ideal for cooling of small to mid-size rooms.
  • They’re smaller in size, with water tank capacity between 20 and 30 litres.
  • Mostly, blowers are used for cooling. They differ from fans as blowers in having high pressure inside the chamber.
  • Used in humid weather conditions e.g. costal India
  • Economical with prices starting from as low as Rs. 5,000.

Our handpicked selections:

  1. A2X 20L – RE
  2. COLT 22L
  3. LITTLE 16L – RE

2. Desert Air Cooler

Desert Air Cooler

  • Ideal for cooling of medium to large size rooms such as a hall, big office, restaurant or prayer houses.
  • Medium build with water tank capacity between 30 and 80 litres, requires less frequent refills.
  • Have large cooling pads which consume more water to generate more cooling.
  • Mostly contain huge fans to circulate the air in the big halls or rooms. These fans have large wings and powerful motors.
  • Used for arid and dry weather conditions.
  • Little expensive with prices starting from Rs. 8,000 but may go even up to Rs. 20,000.

Our handpicked selections:


3. Tower Air Coolers

Tower Air Coolers

  • Ideal for single person use
  • New stylish design on the lines of split air conditioners
  • Can easily match with the aesthetics of the room
  • Consume very less floor space, making room for other things
  • Used for both humid, tropical wet and dry climates.
  • Less expensive compared to the other variants

Our handpicked selections:

  1. Kenstar Glamour Series

Considering buying an air cooler for this summer? Kenstar air coolers offer a versatile range of modern, elegant coolers that provides efficient cooling for every kind of Indian summer. Choose from our wide variety of cooler ideal for every space and every cooling need. Visit our website to view all coolers

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