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Slash Your Cooking Time By Half With These 5 Appliances

 Cooking Solutions

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Our active lifestyle leaves too little time to invest in cooking. But just because you’re short on time, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t cook up a wholesome meal. Sure, we’re not aiming for an elaborate three-course meal every night, but with the right kitchen appliances, everyday cooking becomes a lot more practical and efficient. We have an array of handy kitchen appliances that will not only cut your cooking time in half but will also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

1. Food Processor

Food Processor

Not only kenstar food processors are great for making short work of chopping veggies, but they’re also fabulous for making dough and pastes. It’s a dream come true for quick desserts, a shortcut to classic sauces and a smart way to incorporate salads into your diet.

2. OxyFryer


Love potato chips or crispy chicken? Indulge in extravagant daily snacking with kenstar oxyfryer. It helps you fry your snacks with healthy oil-free cooking that cooks with Rapid Air Technology. The oxyfryer use hot air instead of oil so that your meals are crunchy outside and tender inside.

3. Juicer Mixer Grinder

Juicer Mixer Grinder

If you are serious about healthy eating, then you’re sure to include fruit juices or smoothies in your diet. A kenstar Juicer Mixer Grinder efficiently and comfortably helps you get both. It eliminates the hassles involved in the traditional methods of juice/pulp extraction and makes your active life easy.

4. Hand Blender

Hand Blender

The kenstar handheld blender can help you be efficient and quick at cooking. Designed for convenience and speed, these blenders make blending tasks quicker and easier. Their handy design takes up a miniscule amount of kitchen space as well.

5. Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop

Did you know that a pot of water boils twice as fast on an induction cooktop as on a gas or electric stove? With safety, excellent temperature control and easy clean up, a kenstar induction cooktop is your kitchen superhero.

Kenstar small home appliances range has redefined the Indian lifestyle with impressive products that include OxyFryers, Microwave Ovens, Mixer Grinders, Food Processors & a host of other kitchen appliances.

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