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3 Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes


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3 Refreshing
Summer Drink Recipes

Summer has arrived and while most of us are stuck at home, it doesn’t mean we are getting any respite from the harsh summer temperatures. We can’t deny the fact that summers also brings laziness. With rising temperature and hotter days, we seem to find ourselves tired and wanting to lie down most of the day. Not only that, during summers we feel excessively thirsty.

But thankfully, sipping on some refreshing summer drinks can take care of that. So how about we share with you some easy-to-make non-alcoholic drink recipes which you can prepare at home. The best things about these drinks are that they do not take much time. Few minutes of work and you’ll be ready to serve a delicious and at the same time healthy drink to your family.

So here are three chilled non-alcoholic beverages with recipes that you can enjoy during summer:

Watermelon Lime Slushie

One of the most popular summer drinks, watermelon lime slushie has the sweetness of watermelon, subtle tartness of lime and the chilliness of crushed ice.


Chunked watermelon without any seeds

Lime juice

Ice cubes

Honey (or any other sweetener) optional


Put the ingredients in a blender. Add lemon juice depending on how tangy you want it to be.

Add sweeteners like sugar or honey, if you want a sweeter taste

Blend until all watermelon lumps are gone and ice gets totally crushed

Mint Lemonade

Who doesn’t love a refreshing lemonade in the hot summer? Mint lemonade is perfect for hot summer days. The mint adds soothing flavor to the little sweet, little tangy lemonade. It also helps to remove toxins from your body.


Thin slices of lemon for garnishing

Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

Ice cubes and water

Mint leaves

Honey (or any other sweetener)


Put the lemon juice, mint leaves and ice cubes in a pitcher

Add water to the mixture

Put honey and then stir

Refrigerate for a couple of hours

Garnish with lemon slices and enjoy chilled

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is a personal favourite summer drink for many. It’s refreshing, energizing and healthy due to the caffeine content which gives you energy and also brings mental alertness.




Sweeteners like condensed milk,
sugar or honey

Ice cubes


Put coffee in a glass, add water to it and stir well

Cover the glass and leave it overnight night

Use a coffee filter or fine sieve to remove the coffee from the mixture

Take a tall glass or jar and fill it with ice cubes

Pour the cold-brewed coffee in the glass and add sweetener

Stir well and enjoy

So there you have it. Three easy refreshing summer beverages that are tasty and healthy. Now you will be able to make these awesome drinks at home to fight the heat!

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