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5 Reasons You Should Consider Installing Air Coolers At Your Workplace

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Kenstar 14 Apr 2021 Views 976 0

2020 has been tough for most of us. Now, slowly things are coming back to shape and so is our professional life. Gradually the workspaces are opening up. But it seems that after such a long and never-before-seen gap, it won't be easy to switch back to your workstations in one go.

Several challenges in terms of productivity, work-life balance are hanging in mid-air. But one of the most commonly faced problems is adjusting to the unbearable summers. Most of the offices are now slated to open in the mid of the summer season. And of course, all the offices are switching to cost efficiency and healthy working modes.

And at this point, what is most important is to welcome commercial air coolers. They are expected to benefit the workplace in numerous ways.

Let's have a look -

1. Cost-saving –


Undoubtedly, this deserves the top spot. When it comes to electricity bills and even the purchasing cost, then air coolers are far better than air conditioners.

2. Energy-efficient –


Office air cooler is highly energy efficient when compared to air conditioners. Air coolers consume 10 times less energy compared to the latter.

3. Better suited for open spaces  –

Better suited for open spaces

Air cooler for commercial use is highly suited for open spaces. They are portable and also cool the space more and in turn boost productivity as well.

4. Easy maintenance  –

Easy maintenance

Air coolers are much easier to maintain when compared to other cooling devices. The running cost comes in quite low and thus most of the workplaces choose this over others.

5. Eco-friendly  –


Air coolers work on the principle of using the surrounding air to keep the space cool. When you are using an air cooler for a large room or any room size, then you can keep the windows open which allows healthy air circulation throughout the place.

Thus, by now you might have made up your mind about using an air cooler for a large room, or even a large workspace.

One of the best air coolers which work in this regard is the Kenstar desert air coolers. Desert air coolers contain cooling pads present on three sides of the cooler. These cooling pads are constantly immersed in water with the help of an air cooler pump. As a result, the evaporated air goes through the cooling pads, it has an interface in the cold water and gets cool in an instant. Kenstar desert air coolers come with a large variety of options, which are well suited for wide and spacious rooms. Choose from our wide range of desert coolers online.


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