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5 Reasons To Buy A Juicer Mixer Grinder

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5 Reasons To Buy a Juicer
Mixer Grinder

In order to lead a modern healthy, and fast-paced lifestyle, a juicer grinder is an essential appliance to have in your kitchen. A juicer mixer grinder can offer the ease and convenience needed to prepare a variety of dishes.Earlier, if we had to make any fruit juice, we had to crush the fruit to release the juice manually. This would often leave some pulp behind in the juice. Well, with juicer mixer grinders, you would not have to worry about this.Such tasks also take a lot longer when performed manually. This is why you must buy a juicer mixer grinder. It also helps perform a variety of other functions in the kitchen with ease.
Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying a

juicer mixer grinder:

Performance and efficiency

The ease of use offered by a juicer mixer grinder makes it one of the best kitchen appliances to own. When it comes to juicer mixer grinders, look out for those that have SS ULTIMA blades, as they provide high performance grinding & blending. A few of the juicer mixer grinders that have been introduced recently feature superior quality motors like a Power Plus Hybrid motor. They are powerful enough to offer utmost reliability and help in providing high efficiency juicing.


The versatile design of juicer mixer grinders makes their use significant in preparing different types of food items. You can grind nuts, mincemeat, whip milkshakes, prepare juices, and the latest juicer mixer grinders even enables you to crush ice. A lot of juicer mixer grinders, like the Kenstar Nutriv Plus, Nutriv, Yuva DX and Necto, help you carry out several cooking operations in a jiffy.

Used for multiple tasks

Right from whipping liquids to blending them, a juicer mixer grinder can be used for multiple tasks in your kitchen. From making delicious bread and pastries to chopping veggies for a salad, a juicer mixer grinder can make several tedious tasks in your kitchen much easier.

Value for money

Since these kitchen appliances provide such varied uses, they are a total value for money. The modern juicer mixer grinders have some excellent features like an online pulp chamber, which increases the juicing efficiency to a great extent and avoids wastage.


These devices generally come in compact and sleek designs, meaning that they can fit into a fairly smaller area in your kitchen. You do not have to move around a lot of appliances to place this appliance in your kitchen. Do check out Kenstar Profresh and Profresh Neo, they have a smart design.

Juicer mixer grinders are ideal for your kitchen and will also save you a lot of time. If you are looking to buy this appliance, you must definitely check out the range of juicer mixer grinders by Kenstar.


When you choose from our range of appliances for food preparation, be assured of world-class quality, multi-mode pan-India service support; unique ‘Online Service Request’ and ‘Additional Warranty at No Additional Cost’. In short, you will enjoy complete peace of mind.

Longer Warranty

Every Kenstar juicer mixer grinder comes with a 2-year product warranty. Over and above the 2-year warranty, you can avail ‘Additional Warranty of Two Months at at No Additional Cost’ by simply registering your Kenstar product online.

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Stronger Support

Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances.
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Hassle-Free Servicing

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