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Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe In Minutes


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The next time when your child asks for a yummy snack after coming back from school, don’t fret, just turn to the microwave. You'd mostly using the microwave for just heating food. But why not make the best use of it & try out microwave baking as well?

The microwave won't just help you make some lip-smacking delicacies but it will also help you master the art of baking. Here’s an easy but truly mouthwatering chocolate cake that can be made in a microwave in minutes! Nothing uplifts the mood like a delicious, well-made cake, so let’s begin…

chocolate cake recipe

Sieve the flour, cocoa powder, cornflour and baking powder together

Now, place the sugar and eggs in a mixing bowl and beat them till the mixture is light and fluffy

Then, very carefully, fold in the sieved flour into the eggs and sugar mixture

Next, add in the melted butter and mix it

Take a shallow bowl (or a dish) that is microwave compatible, and grease the base and sides with a little oil and then dust it lightly with flour

Pour the mixture into the bowl/dish

Cook it in the microwave for 8 minutes on high

Your 'choco'licious cake is ready! Take a big slice and eat it as it is or decorate it by pouring melted chocolate, adding sprinkles or nuts, maybe even some fresh fruits if you like! Enjoy this simple, quick and delicious microwave recipe with your family and friends!

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