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Know All About Kenstar Coolblaster Air Cooler

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Kenstar 10 May 2021 Views 353 0

An air cooler is one of the most important smart home appliances, especially in harsh summers. There are several air coolers available in the market. Some of the major types are - personal air cooler, desert air cooler, tower cooler, and window cooler.

Among these, the desert air cooler is one of the trending types of air coolers. Desert air coolers work on the basis of the evaporation technique. Evaporative cooling is quite distinct from other air cooling systems. Thanks to the vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles, desert air coolers are one of the high-rated air coolers in the market.

One of the best desert air cooler from the house of Kenstar is the
Coolblaster desert air cooler.

The Kenstar desert air cooler is a user-favourite that comes at pocket-friendly prices.

Let's have a detailed look at the desert cooler specification

Tank capacity

The Kenstar desert air cooler has a tank capacity of 60 L. This tank capacity is well suited for bigger spaces and is one of the best in the market.

Honeycomb Cooling Pads

Honeycomb cooling pads are made up of cellulose material. They are thick in shape, and thus quite effective as an air cooler for a large room. It has a higher capacity of absorbing and retaining water, and thus cools water quite swiftly.

Powerful Air Throw

With an air throw distance of 10.7m, this is one of the best desert air coolers in this range.

Large Fan Blades

A big-sized fan blade is advisable in the case of an air cooler for a large room. This powerful cool blaster has a blade length of 45.7cm, which is quite effective in cooling the rooms in a very short time.

Motorised Louvre Movement

Motorised Louvre movement can be adjusted to restrict the movement of air and smoke within a closed area so that the temperature of the building and any possible water penetration could be avoided.

Inverter Compatible

When you have an inverter-compatible air cooler, then the best part is that you can enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, and thus, a uniform airflow.

Smart Humidity Control

With the humidity air sensor technique, the ventilator automatically gets activated. This ensures better air circulation in the room.

Air Delivery

With an air delivery of 6000 cu. m per hour, this desert air cooler price is highly justified.


Wattage signifies the rate at which the electricity is consumed by the air cooler. Kenstar Coolblaster cooler has a wattage of 170 W, which is considered to be mid-range and highly efficient.

With product dimensions (in mm) of 665 x 620 x 822, you can easily use this desert cooler to cool large spaces. This desert air cooler price is one of the most highly-demanded appliances in the market today. A lightweight desert air cooler weighing just 15.5 Kg, the Coolblaster is a steal. You can check other desert air cooler prices as well, but nothing can come close.

So, what are you thinking? This summer, upgrade with one of the smart and new age cool blaster air coolers. This ultra silent and super powerful air cooler is one of the best in this segment. Get this beauty home and let us know your experience about the same.


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Longer Warranty

Every Kenstar air cooler comes with a warranty of 1 year. Over and above this one-year warranty, you can avail ‘Additional Warranty of Two Months at No Additional Cost’ by simply registering your Kenstar product online

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