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How To Use Kenstar Oxyfryer

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OxyFryers are magical kitchen appliances that deliver deep frying with nothing more than heated air and a minuscule amount of oil. It’s magical in the sense that it removes the biggest modern-day dilemma of choosing between eating unhealthy instant meals or spending the time to cook a healthy meal. It’s a faster solution for indulging in healthy fried foods.

How does it work?

OxyFryer like Kenstar OxyFryer fry snacks with Rapid Air Technology using hot air instead of excess oil so that your meals are crunchy outside and tender inside. The frying mechanism is simple yet innovative. The powerful fan of the OxyFryer circulates air in the food basket leading the air to heat up faster. Specially designed inner lines of the food basket contribute to airflow by swirling it. This heats up the ingredients of the basket from all corners simultaneously, making your food healthy, delicious and crispy. Conventional methods of frying use an excessive amount of oil to achieve the same crispy essence. The OxyFryer, therefore, makes your food low in calories too.

How to use?

1. Adjust the Cooking Temperature –

Adjust the Cooking Temperature

Pre-heat your OxyFryer to temperature before filling the basket. It usually takes less than 5 minutes. While following a traditional-oven recipe, lower the OxyFryer's temperature by 25°F than the suggested temperature to achieve similar results for deep-frying, roasting or cooking. This is necessary because the circulating air produces consistent heat for cooking.

2. Toss Ingredients Sparingly with Oil –

Toss Ingredients Sparingly with Oil

Add one to two tablespoons of oil for cooking. Additional oil is not necessary for fattier foods. The basket needs to be sprayed with cooking oil for food that has been battered. This tiny bit of oil is essential for getting foods to turn crisp, golden-brown and appealing.

3. Fill the OxyFryer Basket –

Fill the Oxy Fryer Basket

French fries or roasted vegetables needed to be loaded to the top. A full or almost full basket will require a longer cooking time and a shake every 3 to 5 minutes to ensure food is being cooked evenly. Push the button on the handle and the basket will come out automatically.

4. Check Early if the Food is Cooked –

Check Early if the Food is Cooked

As mentioned earlier, foods tend to cook faster in an OxyFryer due to the constant cooking environment. So, in order to avoid your food from being over-cooked, you would have to check the food being cooked about two-thirds of the way through the suggested cooking time to test for readiness.

Kenstar OxyFryer is ideal for recipes that involve deep-frying, pan-frying, tandoori, grilling and baking. Choose from our versatile range of OxyFryers and fry your favourite foods to crispy, golden-brown perfection using little or no oil. Add the magic of an OxyFryer to your kitchen and enjoy the convenience that keeps you breezy. Check out our entire range of Kenstar kitchen appliances .


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