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How To Use Air Coolers Effectively

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Our homes are built with bricks and cement with a touch of paint and other additional elements. Dry and humid weather conditions can make temperatures shoot up, sometimes even reaching 45 to 50 degree Celsius in some places. That’s when a well-constructed home may not be enough. Severely hot temperatures make air coolers for home, an essential commodity for effective cooling.

An air cooler is an innovative electrical product that easily fits in with every family’s budget needs. It consists of a compact body made of iron and plastic with an optimum combination of cooling pads, fan, water pump, mini motor, and a water tank.

Electric air coolers available in the market are portable, power-efficient, movable and compact. Modern air coolers occupy less space and also feature add-ons like ice trays, humidity control, multi-level swing mode and water level check settings.

How to use air coolers?

An air cooler is connected to a proper power outlet and is filled with optimum amounts of water. It starts functioning by drawing in the surrounding hot air, which is filtered through water-cooled windows. This decreases the air temperature after a few minutes, pumping out chilled air, which is circulated inside the room, giving you the feel of a hill station.


How to use your
air cooler effectively?
Here are some pointers on how we can use your air cooler to be effective:


Ensure your house is well ventilated.


Open a few windows, or a door to ensure humid air to escape.


Top up the water tank to keep the water tray filled.


Add cool water to the water tray.


You can enhance the cooling further by placing some ice cubes inside the water tray.


Keep the air cooler with it’s back facing an open window or door.

Your personal superstar

Are you planning on buying an air cooler online or from a shop? You can rely on the Kenstar air cooler, a sophisticated masterpiece ideal for all small and mid-sized rooms to overcome the harsh summers. Kenstar air cooler prices come with multiple features in varying models. These include personal air coolers, desert air coolers, stylish tower air coolers and more. Kenstar air coolers occupy less floor space and are perfect for every requirement, for larger or smaller rooms and even outdoors. They come with effective cooling pads, high-pressure blowers and large tank capacities to neutralise humid weather conditions. Desert air coolers come equipped with large fans, large cooling pads, and powerful motors with 50 to 100 litres of water tank capacity for relief from dry weather conditions. You can choose a personal air cooler if you require cooling for a single person. Kenstar’s tower and window air coolers are designed to occupy minimum floor space while delivering powerful performance. For more on Kenstar’s wide range of air coolers, click here:


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