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How Is An OTG Different From A Microwave Oven?

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If you are someone who fancies cooking, then you must have at least once considered getting your hands on an Oven Toaster Grill (OTG). OTGs are multipurpose appliances and can help reduce the load on your gas stove.

While microwaves have become a common household item, OTGs are comparatively less used. OTGs are used for many purposes like baking, grilling, and toasting. There are so many scrumptious baked dishes out there that I’m sure you would love to try out. So, if you already have a microwave oven that helps you bake, should you buy an OTG as another appliance for baking?

How are OTGs different from Microwave ovens? Here are some things to keep in mind when buying an OTG.

  • Heating and Cooking Style

 Heating and Cooking Style

A major difference between OTG and microwave is the heating and cooking style.

  1. An OTG uses a higher range of heat that can go up to 250 degrees Celsius depending on the heating capacity. A microwave oven heats up fast and has a lower temperature range that uses the grill and convection features to bake and cook.
  2. The basic functionality of a microwave involves heating food with the use of electromagnetic radiation. The thermal energy produced in the process helps in heating up the food.
  3. OTG has a thermostat with heating coils that regulate the temperature and heat, and cooks food in the slow heating process similar to traditional electric ovens. It also tends to distribute heat and cook the food more evenly than microwaves.
  • Price


Both an OTG and microwave prices can vary depending on the quality, brand, capacity and features that it has to offer.

  • A Microwave serves as a more versatile kitchen appliance and is, therefore, more expensive than an OTG.
  • A good OTG of reliable brands with greater capacity and more heating capability can also be expensive but will be a durable kitchen appliance you would want to have for the long term.
  • Capacity

Oven capacity is one of the main differentiators between microwaves and OTGs. Oven capacity is the amount of food that can be cooked in the appliance at one time.

The main benefit of OTGs over microwaves is that they are available in bigger capacities. Microwave ovens generally come in the range of 20-30 Litres while OTG can be of bigger capacities as well - 45 to 80 Litres.

OTG makes a great kitchen appliance


Like most kitchen appliances, consider space issues when you plan to buy OTG and where you would plan to install it. An OTG is a great addition to have as your kitchen appliances. Especially if you love baking and want to try various baking dishes extensively, an OTG would serve your purpose the best.

Conclusion: Benefits of Kenstar OTG 45Ltr

When you buy a Kenstar OTG and microwave, you are assured of the best quality product and service. Kenstar offers service pan-India which can be availed online.

Choose from a wide range of functional and multi-functional microwave ovens or OTG. The difference between OTG and microwave oven from Kenstar is in its capacity. There are several benefits of OTG; starting with a larger capacity - maximum of 45lts offering rotisserie and convection functions. Its combined heating feature cooks food evenly, and also comes with a two-year warranty.


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Longer Warranty

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