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How Does Kenstar Fit Pro Juicer Work?

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It is quite natural to follow the trend of consuming packed juices in the wake of the soaring popularity of ready to eat F&B meals. However, nothing can beat the freshness and hygiene delivered by a homemade juice maker machine that keeps the nutrients intact. Ironically, not all homemade juices are equally nutrient-rich. A lot hinges on the juice maker machine used to prepare homemade juice. There are varied kinds of juicers available in a market like slow juicer, portable juicer, twin gear juicer, masticating juicer, centrifugal force juicer and more. Amongst them, a slow juicer machine is believed to outperform its counterparts when it comes to keeping the nutrients intact.

Kenstar Fit Pro

Reckoned as one of the contemporary kitchen appliances, Fit Pro is a slow juicer that has been designed keeping in mind the precise requirement of health-conscious individuals. The low-temperature slow juicing ensures enhanced health benefits combined with antioxidants compared to the regular juices. Silent operation by this slow juicer machine ensures keeping annoying noises at bay. Empowered with 85% juice extraction efficiency, its anti-drip smart cap ensures no spillage. Fit Pro comes with a one-year product warranty. Its reverse button ensures effortless cleaning.

What is a slow juicer?

A slow juicer is a juicer that functions slowly by breaking down the vegetables and fruits. This juicer makes most of the masticating process akin to chewing, where it slowly grinds the fruits and vegetables. Once the ingredients are being crushed, adequate pressure is exerted to extract the fresh juice.

How do slow juicers work?

A slow juicer features varied components including the feed chute, strainer, basket, auger, the juice spout, pulp collector, and more. Vegetables and fruits are fed into the juicer. A powerful pusher enables the juice maker to push further ingredients stuck at the feeding tube’s sides. The strainer basket collects the ground ingredients. With the help of an auger, the juicer can crush fruits and vegetables against the hard surface. The juice spout is responsible for collecting the juice. Once the juice has been extracted, the pulp is then moved to a collecting bowl, thereby avoiding spillage.

How is Fit Pro different from Fast Juicers?

A versatile Kenstar juicer, Fit Pro essentially deploys rotating gears on a gradual basis to effectively yet gently crush vegetables and fruits to retain the nutrients. Also reckoned as cold-press or masticating juicers, it operates quietly and extracts more juice while preserving more nutrients, especially iron and vitamin C compared to centrifugal models. During the slow juicing process, the heat is not produced. Moreover, the extraction of more juice than blenders is yet another slow juicer advantage. Even when it comes to storing juice for an extended period of time, juice prepared from a slow portable juicer like Fit Pro takes the lead in the juicer kitchen appliances category. A true kitchen multi-tasker, Fit Pro, is indeed a remarkable Kenstar juicer that enables you to free up more of your time to be spent on leisure and other important activities.


Whether you are a fitness freak or someone who aims to integrate iron and vitamin-enriched diet in their everyday meal, Kenstar Fit Pro fits the bill perfectly.


When you choose from our range of appliances for food preparation, be assured of world-class quality, multi-mode pan-India service support; unique ‘Online Service Request’ and ‘Additional Warranty at No Additional Cost’. In short, you will enjoy complete peace of mind.

Longer Warranty

Kenstar Fit Pro slow juicer mixer grinder comes with a product warranty of 1 year. Over and above 1 year, you can avail ‘Additional Warranty of Two Months at No Additional Cost’ by simply registering your Kenstar product online at

Stronger Support

Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances.
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