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Home Appliance Care In The Monsoons

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Kenstar 30 Jul 2020 Views 1176 0

We all know that water can damage most electrical appliances, which is why in the monsoon we have to be more mindful than ever when it comes to home appliance care. The humidity in the air is the major culprit. Here are a few guidelines for home and kitchen appliance care during the rainy season. Take a look!

1. Unplug Electrical Appliances During Heavy Rains

Kenstar Blog-Unplug Electrical Appliances During Heavy Rains

The rains can bring power cuts or voltage fluctuations, which can cause extensive damage to your household appliances. It’s best to keep your kitchen and home appliances unplugged, especially during heavy rain.

2. Use The Right Voltage Stabilizer

Kenstar Blog-Use Right Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuations can, in some cases, permanently harm electrical appliances. The solution for this is to use a voltage stabilizer between your appliance and power source to ensure hassle-free functioning at any time as well as extend your appliances’ life.

3. Ensure Appliances Are Properly Grounded

Kenstar Blog-Ensure Appliances Are Properly Grounded

Lightning storms can lead to high power static currents, which is why it’s safest to provide grounding for all your electrical appliances. To prevent sudden electric shocks, wear rubber home slippers when switching on and using appliances.

4. Dry Appliances To Prevent Fungal Growth

Kenstar Blog-Dry Appliances To Prevent Fungal Growth

Fungus is more prone to grow in your appliances as a result of the high moisture levels during the monsoon. Make sure you wipe your kitchen and unplugged home appliances such as steam irons, microwaves, oxy fryers, juicer mixer grinders, etc. with a dry cloth and leave them to air under the fan.

5. Warranty, Support & Servicing

Kenstar Blog-Warranty, Support & Servicing

Let’s suppose you’ve followed all precautionary tips for protecting your appliances from moisture, but even in this case, if your appliance gets wet or breaks down, what do you do? The first thing you need to ensure is proper warranty and prompt access to support services. It’s essential to choose from only a trusted and reliable brand.

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