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Heres How You Can Maintain Your Water Heater Properly At Home

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It is pouring outside making the weather quite cool, it is morning rush hour and you are in hurry to get to office on time. But when you dash in the bathroom for a quick hot shower the water heater chooses the worst moment to just stop working, leaving you with no option but to take a cold wash.

Many of us have gone through this inconvenient scenario of the electric water heater dying on you when you need it to work the most.

Of course calling the plumber and getting a professional to repair/maintain the product is certainly an option. But you could also be proactive in maintaining the life of your water heater so that the appliance stays active for a longer period of time. Here are some tips on how you can maintain your electric water heater properly at home itself.

1. How should you drain the water heater properly?

How should you drain the water heater properly?

The first step is to shut off the water supply to the electric water heater. On the top of the water heater you should be able to locate the shutoff valve as well as the water inlet pipe. Shut off the valve and it will stop the water to the tank

The second step is to then shut off the power supply to the electric water heater. Switch off the point that supplies electric power to your water heater. This step is most important as doing any maintenance work with the power on is extremely risky to your personal safety and you also risk damaging the product.

The third step is to give the water stored in your heater some time to cool off. In order to avoid any personal injury due to hot water in the tank, it is a wise decision to let the water in the tank cool off overnight before you begin the process of draining it the next day.

The fourth step is to attach a hose to the drain valve of the electric water heater. After you have given the water stored in the tank enough time to cool down, it is time to drain the water the next day. Place one end of the rubber hose into the floor drain and attach the other end to the drain valve that should be present on the bottom of the water heater.

The fifth step is to turn on the hot water tap. Turn on any hot water tap (maybe in the sink) that is nearest to the water heater to reduce pressure.

The sixth step is to open the drain valve. Once you open the drain valve the water will start flowing out of the tank. This process may even take up to 30 minutes depending on how full and dirty the water heater was.

The seventh step is to turn the water back on in the water tank. By doing this when the drain valve is still open, the clean water injected into the tank will ensure that no sediments or deposits remain at the bottom of the tank. Once you see clean and clear water you can shut off the water valve.

The eight step is to refill the tank. Once the water tank has been cleaned, remove the rubber hose from the drain valve. Turn the water back on and start refilling the tank. Once your tank is full, turn the power switch of the electric water heater on for use again.

2. Why is it important to drain the water heater properly?

Why is it important to drain the water heater properly?

Draining the water heater is part of regular maintenance and ensures longer product life by making sure that all the impurities are cleared off thus avoiding malfunction.

3. How many times a year should you drain your water heater?

How many times a year should you drain your water heater?

It is generally recommended that you should drain your water heater once every year. But in case your area gets hard water the requirement may vary. Please check the product manual for exact information.

Hope these DIY tips on maintaining your electric water heater have been useful. Of course, professional support to maintain your personal products is the recommended option but just by following some simple tips you can ensure longer product life of your water heater and enjoy the joys of uninterrupted warm water for many years to come.

If you’re planning to buy a new water heater, make sure it comes with a 5 star rating for best power saving & has a 6 /7 years tank warranty. Kenstar water heater have both. They also enjoy the position of being leaders in the market segment as they come equipped with features such as high storage capacity, glass lined coating on tanks to ensure rust free and leakage proof water heaters, faster heating, thermal cut out for longer life of heating element and overheating protection among others.

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