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Healthy Cooking Options For The Winter

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Winter is upon us and the farms and fields are full of fresh produce. It is the season of enjoying plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. So in this cool weather, go with healthy nutritious meals. And Kenstar has just the right kitchen appliances that make cooking easy and quick. Here are some latest smart kitchen tools that will enable you to whip up delicious winter foods… fast, tasty & healthy too!



For all of you who enjoy fried foods but feel guilty about indulging in them, the Kenstar Oxyfryer is just the right appliance for you. So if you are in the mood for piping hot pakodas or samosas, use the Kenstar Oxyfryer to make them using little or no oil. Bake some scrumptious cookies or cakes for those special winter treats in the Oxyfryer.

The Kenstar Oxyfryer comes with a 3.5 L non-stick coated food basket, has 7 pre-set functions with digital control and can be used for frying, baking and grilling. A free recipe booklet, with 100 interesting recipes, means you can try out & enjoy new recipes right at home.

Hand blender

Hand blender

Fancy hot soups in the chilly winter evenings? Or freshly blended smoothies with your favourite fruits? A tasty dip to accompany your appetizers? Kenstar Hand Blender is a stylish kitchen appliance that can make all of this happen in an efficient, swift and easy way.

The Kenstar Hand Blender is a user-friendly gadget, which consumes very less power, is equipped with a shock-proof outer body, 2-speed settings (high and low mode) and non-reactive stainless steel blades for efficient blending, beating and whipping. Its lightweight and easy-to-hold design enable you to easily blend creamy drinks, soups, purees, beat eggs or create dips.

Microwave oven

Microwave oven

One of the must-have appliances in a modern kitchen is the microwave oven. It makes cooking fast and easy while saving vital manual energy. Kenstar microwave ovens are stylish, multi-functional and adds value to your lifestyle. You can use this valuable appliance to cook your favourite winter recipes such as gajar ka halwa, caramel custards, chocolate fudges, paneer tikkas and lots more in a jiffy!

Kenstar microwave ovens come with a powerful top grill and combination of cooking functions (microwave, grill & convection), 150 auto cook menus and 10 power levels, a digital jog wheel, stainless steel cavity, child safety lock and a whole lot of other useful functions.

Kenstar kitchen appliance

Kenstar, one of the most preferred brands in India, is a name that stands for international quality and offers an impressive multi-category product range in both home and kitchen solution products and appliances. Their wide range of cooking solutions offers precision cooking for a healthy lifestyle. For more information, visit


When you choose from our range of cooking solutions, be assured of world-class quality, multi-mode pan-India service support; unique ‘Online Service Request’ and ‘Additional Warranty at No Additional Cost’. In short, you will enjoy complete peace of mind.

Longer Warranty

Every Kenstar Microwave, Induction Cooktops, Oxyfryer, Sandwich Maker, Hand Blender and Electric Kettle comes with a product warranty of 1 year. Over and above the 1 year, you can avail ‘Additional Warranty of Two Months at No Additional Cost’ by simply registering your Kenstar product online at

Stronger Support

Kenstar has a strong service support network across India to ensure prompt service and maintenance of your appliances.
350+ service centres across India

Hassle-Free Servicing

Servicing your Kenstar home appliance is easier than ever. To raise a quick servicing request in minutes, simply:


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