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5 Tips To Choose The Right Table Fan For Yourself


Kenstar 29 May 2020 Views 1262 0

A table fan fills a void that a ceiling fan, a wall-mounted fan, or a pedestal fan can't. When it is impossible or inconvenient for you to hang or mount a fan, or if you don’t have enough space, a table fan turns out to be an ideal choice. Places like shops, offices, restaurants, and sometimes, even small spaces inside homes are some examples where table fans are generally used.

Owing to the broad applications of table fans, there are numerous table fan models available in the market. It can become confusing to choose the right one for your needs. But fret not, follow these simple steps and you would be good.

Consider these 5 tips to find the right table fan for yourself


Ideal size options for table fans are 12 inches, 16 inches & 20 inches. Choose according to the space available and airflow needed.


Table fans come in plastic and metal models. While the plastic models are lightweight, metals fans are more durable.

Air Flow Rotation:

Choose a fan with a wide rotation angle, so you can get cooling over a large area.

Speed Control:

Speed controls on a table fan are a must, so you can set the speed according to the temperature around you.


Always choose a fan from a trusted brand over low-priced fans from dubious companies to be assured of quality, durability and service.

These tips will help you find the right table fan for yourself. And since you are here, you might want to check out the Tavolo high-speed table fan by Kenstar. The fan comes with Endura Plus 100% copper motor and thermal overload protection for long life, 3-speed options for varied air delivery, wide rotation angle, and a 2-year warranty. And over and above the 2 years warranty, you can avail ‘Additional Warranty of Two Months at Zero Cost’ by simply registering your Kenstar product online at


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