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5 Magical Ways To Use A Food Processor

 Food Preparation

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Do you love cooking but get easily disheartened by how much effort goes into pre-meal prepping? Maybe you were looking forward to cooking a meal that’s your family's favourite or that includes your comfort foods. But our everyday busy lives leave too little time and too little energy to invest in cooking.What if we told you, taking time to cook in the kitchen can be something to look forward to, even with only a little time! Yes, it’s possible, with the help of a magical thing called a food processor.

The Versatile Kitchen Tool When's the last time you had used your food processor? If yours is gathering dust on the counter or stashed away in a cupboard somewhere, consider putting it back to use. Not only are processors great for making short work of chopping veggies, but they’re also absolutely fabulous for making dough and pastes. It’s a dream come true for speedy desserts, a shortcut to elegant sauces and a smart way to incorporate salads into your diet.

A versatile tool, food processors are a must have for busy kitchens. Here are a few exciting ways to use a food processor and kick your cooking into gear, particularly for Indian kitchens.

1. Chopping Veggies
Chopping Veggies
Although the most obvious use of your food processor, it helps you save time and tears while chopping up copious amounts of onions and tomatoes every time you make a curry. Perfect for everyday Indian curry masala, it helps you cook up a wholesome curry in 20 minutes!

2. Making Atta Dough
Making Atta Dough
Turning atta or whole wheat flour into a soft, smooth and supple dough is definitely the favourite way to use a food processor. Bid aching arms goodbye and see the magic happen in minutes. Not to mention, it is more hygenic than kneading it by hand. Make chapatis, parathas and kulchas and if you are feeling adventurous, even fenugreek or kasuri methi parathas, with ease.

3. Grinding Meat
Grinding Meat
If you are a meat lover and always wanted to prepare dishes like kebabs and meatballs at home, well it can’t get easier than this. The multi-purpose food processor makes mince out of chunks of meat. So just dump all the ingredients for mutton kofta curry or kebabs and let the food processor do its job!

4. Making Chutney
Making Chutney
Most often than not, any Indian meal feels incomplete without a chutney by its side. And using a food processor is the fastest, simplest, no spill and no splatter way of making them. Make coconut coriander chutney, green chilli or peanut chutneys in a jiffy with your food processor.

5. Churn Butter
Churn Butter
This might not be for everyone but those who are used to making homemade butter, here’s a much easier way to do it. With a food processor, this tedious chore is tackled in less than 2 minutes. Just place the cream and it magically turns into butter.

If you own a food processor, there are more exciting ways to use it. If you don’t own one yet, find out the magic of owning one and giving your busy life a break.

But how would you know which is the best food processor in the market for Indian kitchens? The answer is simple. With 13 attachments, in-built storage for accessories, unique aesthetics and overload protection for longer life, Kenstar Karishma food processor is an appliance your kitchen cannot do without. It comes with 2-year warranty, 600 Watt powerful motor and safety control. Now grate, chop, mix, shred, slice or knead in seconds and finish any and all pre-cooking tasks in an instant.

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