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Difference Between A Food Processor And A Grinder

 Food Preparation

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Imagine this, you need to purchase a mixer for your kitchen and go to a store to buy it. You think it will be an easy buy, after all how difficult will it be to purchase a simple mixer right? Wrong! Because the moment you tell the sales executive that you wish to buy a mixer the first question that he/she will invariably ask you is are you looking for a kenstar food processor or a kenstar mixer grinder? Is there a difference in both you ask the sales rep? Depending on how informed the sales person is, they may or may not give you correct information highlighting the difference between the two.

So, here are simple points that will highlight the difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder that will help you make an informed choice while purchasing a product that best suits your needs.

1. What is your food processing requirement?

The primary difference between a food processor and a grinder is the final result of the food processing. A food processor is best for chopping, grating, shedding, slicing, blending, etc. Whereas, a grinder (as its name suggests) is a better option for cutting, mashing and crushing. A grinder will give you a fine product without clear pieces.

2. How do you prefer the texture and size of the processed food?

When you are pondering about the selection between a food processor and a grinder, keep in mind your requirement of the texture and size of the food to be processed. There are differences in the cutting mechanisms of both and what types of food that is suitable to be processed in a food processor and a grinder. Although there may be a few overlaps and some food processes may be interchangeable, it is generally advisable to not use food processors as grinders and vice versa.

3. Separate product for different food needs

There is a clear difference in the usage of a food processor and a grinder. For example use a grinder for making pastes, patties, spreads, grinding grains, beans or herbs. On the other hand a food processor works best when you want to make a stuffing, shred (cheese) or mash (potato salad maybe).

4. Difference in design and technology

Primarily a food processor and a grinder are formulated to work with different types of food that result in different end product. Thus the designs of both devices are very different. The main difference is in the blade setup and whether the blades cut finely enough to create the desired texture.

For example, a grinder will have a chute or hopper to deposit food. A sharpened screw will guide the food to a series of blades for cutting and passing through a screen. Grinders also have additional parts to sort and filter food (although some similarities may exist such as some grinders may operate via a crank system like food processors).

On the other hand food processors either have stationery, rotating or pump based blades. Food processors with stationary blades require the person to guide the food over the blade, after which it falls into the main processor container. Food processors with pump blades require the person operating it to lift and press the pump. Pump blades are connected to a handle inside the processor lid and move up and down with the pressing action.

With food processors that use rotating blades, the person operating the device turns the crank which activates the crank mechanism inside the lid and turns the container during this action.

Of course, even though there are some distinct differences between a food processor and a grinder many a times people do use a food processor for grinding needs (some electric food processors do have a grind option) such as making pastry dough, grinding meat etc.

Hope this information about the differences between food processors and grinders will help you in your selection of the product that is suitable for your kitchen needs.

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