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Choosing The Best Electric Kettles For Your Home

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Winter is here and what’s better than piping hot foods & beverages to ward off the winter chill? Boiling or heating water now and then could get a bit tiresome. A perfect kitchen appliance that will save time and make hot water in just 10-15 seconds are electric kettles. But there are plenty of electric kettles available in the market and just picking up the cheapest one is not how to make a sound choice. So, how do you choose the best electric kettle for your home? Read on…

1. Usage –

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Determine the purpose for which you are buying an electric kettle. Heating water for tea, coffee or even for drinking warm water are common uses. Some people also use the kettle for heating milk (although the kettle will require a thorough cleaning after this use). Women also use the kettle to boil water for formula for infants in the middle of the night as it is quick.

2. Power –

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As the power of the electric kettle is directly responsible for how quickly the water gets hot (or even boils), opt for a kettle that has more than 1000W of power to ensure that water heating period is short. Don’t worry about electricity consumption as the electric kettle will be plugged in for a few seconds a handful times a day.

3. Water Capacity –

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Electric kettles come with different holding capacities. Choose a model that can hold volumes anywhere between 1 - 1.5 liters of water.

4. Other functions –

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Before selecting the electric kettle, pay attention to whether the model has features such as a volume indicator, self-stop function when the water reaches boiling point, anti-slip function, a filter, etc.

Generally, though the selection is made on power and capacity of the electric kettle. One of the best electric kettles in the market is by Kenstar. Their Blaze model comes with a 1300 W power, 1-liter capacity, a wide mouth for easy cleaning, cordless functionality, dual side water gauge, a cool touch plastic body, one key lid opening, 360 ° base rotation and a product warranty of 1 year. Kenstar home appliances are some of the most preferred premium products in India, offering customers international quality, innovative, technologically driven multi-category merchandise. Kenstar kitchen appliances are renowned for superior quality and durability.


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