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5 Appliances Made For The Modern Kitchen

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Kenstar 22 Oct 2019 Views 331 0

The modern lifestyle allows very little time for us to spend in the kitchen every day. Between day-to-day work, close deadlines and multiple lifestyle choices, we choose to spend as less time in the kitchen as possible. In order to make the most of that time, we need appliances that will make your work easier and also help in preparing tasty dishes that our lifestyle demands.

Kenstar, for the past two decades, has been offering a versatile range of kitchen appliances that are not only helpful in saving time in the kitchen but also adds to your contemporary lifestyle. Here are some appliances that will help you spend less time in the kitchen and make your life easier!

Royal Karishma Food Processor

Food processors are a versatile kitchen appliance that’s truly made for the modern lifestyle. The multi-tasker of your kitchen, Kenstar Royal Karishma is the best food processor with juicer!, grinder and 13 such attachments. Not only does it you out with all the tedious, time consuming tasks but it’s also fabulous for making dough and pastes. It’s a dream come true for quick desserts, a shortcut to classic sauces and a smart way to incorporate salads into your diet.

Aster Digi Oxyfryer

With this oxy fryer from Kenstar, the biggest modern-day dilemma of choosing between eating unhealthy instant meals or spending the time to cook a healthy meal has been solved. Indulge in extravagant daily snacking with air fryers. It helps you fry your snacks with healthy oil-free cooking that cooks with Rapid Air Technology. The air fryers use hot air instead of oil so that your meals are crunchy outside and tender inside. Now you can eat healthy and fast!

Torque Pro Mixer Grinder

Welcome home the star attraction of every kitchen. If you truly want to make your life easy in the kitchen, then buying a mixer grinder is the best choice. Food preparations that require grinding of ingredients take more time and effort with a mixer grinder. With Kenstar torque pro mixer grinder you can easily prep for any meal and do it in no time at all. Moreover, with strong blades and a powerful motor, you can be rest assured of a job well done.

Smash Hand Blender

Kenstar Smash hand blender can help you be creative in your cooking without taking much of your time. Build with a cool-touch plastic body, Smash hand blenders are equipped with powerful SS Ultima blades for higher performance. They are designed for convenience and speed. Whether you are making cocktails or concocting lip-smacking chutney, Smash will make blending tasks quicker and easier. Its sleek handy design takes up a miniscule amount of kitchen space as well.

Grilli Sandwich Maker

Sandwich makers are easy to make and filling on-the-go option for busy mornings or leisurely evenings. Kenstar grilli sandwich maker helps in grilling, toasting and heating your sandwiches without any manual intervention. All you need to do is prepare the sandwich with your favourite vegetables, spread, cheese and put it in the sandwich toaster. With advanced features of ‘power on’ and ‘ready’ indicators and cool-touch housing, Grilli is completely safe to use.

Be it a blender for making healthy smoothies, a sandwich maker to make early mornings easier or an air fryer oven to make healthy alternatives to unhealthy recipes, modern technology offers options for everybody. Make cooking time lesser and the experience enjoyable with Kenstar kitchen appliances!

Kenstar small home appliances range has redefined the Indian lifestyle with impressive products that includes Oxy Fryers, Microwave Ovens, Mixer Grinders, Food Processors & a host of other kitchen appliances.


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