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3 Reasons Why You Need The Kenstar Kaldo Electric Kettle

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Kenstar 26 Feb 2020 Views 938 0

Need instant boiling water? An electric kettle is a time saver and super convenient to use. You can ready a pot of hot brew in minutes, without having to light up a stove top. All you need is an electric switch point, and you can boil water from the comfort of your bedroom, living room or anywhere else.

Just pour water in the electric kettle and switch it on. Once the water reaches boiling point (3-4 minutes), the kettle automatically shuts off. No stress, no mess, just a steaming cuppa in your hand.

You can also reduce cooking time and save gas by using water boiled in the kettle for cooking food on the stove. It’s a smart multi-tasking appliance in the kitchen!

Well then, now that you know the benefits of an electric kettle but wondering which one to buy? The Kenstar Kaldo Electric Kettle is just what your kitchen ordered. Here are 3 reasons why!

1. Large Capacity –

Large Capacity

With a 1.8 litre capacity, the Kenstar Kaldo Electric Kettle can give you up to 7 cups of boiling water in a few minutes. It has one of the largest capacities in the market, and is useful for multiple, everyday kitchen purposes.

2. Stylish & Functional Design –

Stylish & Functional Design

This cordless electric kettle is portable and extremely easy to use. The kettle has a cool touch stainless steel body, sturdy handle, one key lid opening function and dual safety lid lock. The wide mouth makes it easy to add water, pour it out and clean the kettle without any hassles.

3. Automatic Cut-Off Feature –

Automatic Cut-Off Feature

The kettle ensures quick heating at the precise boiling temperature, and comes with advanced features to ensure complete safety. The automatic switch-off feature acts as a thermostat to prevent accidental damages like over boiling, fire hazards or electric shocks. Another critical safety measure that the Kenstar Kaldo Electric Kettle offers is boil dry protection. If the kettle doesn’t have enough water in it, it shuts off on its own.

All of these features make the Kenstar Kaldo Electric Kettle one of the best electric kettles in the market. Go ahead, update your kitchen appliances today. With our kettle, you can boil water on the go and enjoy your favourite beverages in style!


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