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10 Common Indian Recipes You Can Cook In A Microwave

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Technology has made your lives much easier and it has never been truer than in the kitchen. Various kitchen appliances have reduced manual effort and made it possible to prepare entire meals in a short time. One of the most important kitchen inventions has been the microwave.

A quick and easy method to prepare meals, the microwave uses electromagnetic waves, powered by electricity, to cook food. These waves activate the water molecules in the food, causing heat by friction, which cooks (or re heats) the food.

One of the simplest but most efficient tools of use in the kitchen, the microwave has been a boon for working women as it has reduced the amount of time and energy they need to expend in the kitchen.

The Indian woman has embraced the microwave with enthusiasm and is her go to appliance in the kitchen.

Here are some common Indian recipes that you can cook in a microwave:

  1. Poha

    Poha, an all-time favourite Maharashtrian breakfast snack, is a healthy, wholesome dish for the entire family consisting of flattened rice, onions, potatoes, chilies and coriander and sprinkled with grated coconut. The microwaved version of poha is super quick (a little more than 15 minutes!) and can be enjoyed by the entire family even during the morning rush hour.

  2. Sevaiyan Upma
    Sevaiyan Upma

    Originally from south Indian, today upma is one of the most prepared breakfast dishes across India and is generally made from rava or semolina. The vermicelli, or sevaiyan as it is known locally, variant is mostly made from rice or wheat. The microwaved sevaiyan upma is a faster preparation of the traditional upma but with the same nutrition and taste. A mix of vermicelli, oil, mustard seeds, hing, split black lentils, curry leaves, chilies, chopped onions and coriander and your fresh, steaming upma is ready to eat in just about 10 minutes!

  3. Kanchipuram Idli
    Kanchipuram Idli

    Kanchipuram Idli, as the name suggests, is a delicacy from the temple town of Kanchipuram in southern India. A tastier version of the plain rice Idli, this Kanchipuram Idli is full of spices, roasted cashews and chana dal. Once the mixture of urad dal, rice, and water (first soaked, ground in a mixer and made into a paste) is fermented overnight, the actual preparation of Kanchipuram Idli for next day’s breakfast is a quick affair. Add in turmeric powder, cumin seeds, crushed black peppers, roasted cashews and chana dal, green chilies, and coriander in the due process and pour the batter in microwavable Idli molds. Your steaming, delicious Kanchipuram Idlis are ready to eat in a jiffy.

  4. Doodhi Muthias
    Doodhi Muthias

    The famous Gujarati snacks like Dhokla and Muthia, which are mostly steamed can be made really fast in a microwave. In fact making Doodhi (gourd) muthia is so simple! Just combine the grated doodhi, flour, spices and vegetables and shape them into a cylindrical shape, cook in a microwave and then temper them with sesame and mustard seeds. Your mouth watering but healthy muthia is ready in 10 minutes!

  5. Khaman Dhokla
    Khaman Dhokla

    One of the most prepared tea time snacks, the Khaman Dhokla may have originated in Gujarat, but is today a pan India dish. Mix a batter of besan (chana dal), rava, salt, sugar, lemon juice, fruit salt, and ginger & chili paste and cook it in a microwave. Remove the freshly made dhokla and temper with sesame and mustard seeds. Your favourite Khaman Dhokla is ready in less than 15 minutes.

  6. Burger Bun Open Pizza
    Burger bun open pizza

    A great evening snack for kids when they come back really hungry from school. Pizza is a kiddie favourite anyway but this recipe is tasty and healthy. The half cut burger buns are filled with healthy veggies (tomatoes, onions, capsicum etc), topped with herbs (basil, red chili flakes, garlic) and then covered with a generous sprinkle of cheese. Cook them in a microwave and let you kids enjoy their lip smacking healthy pizza in less than 10 mins.

  7. Paneer Tikka
    Paneer tikka

    The perfect starter to any meal, paneer tikka is the ideal recipe for microwave cooking. Just cut the paneer (cottage cheese) into cubes, marinate them in the yoghurt mixed with masalas (garlic, ginger, chaat powder, chili powder, lemon) for 20 minutes. After marination, arrange the pieces in a microwavable plate and cook each side for 4 minutes each. Your delicious paneer tikka are ready in under 30 minutes.

  8. Microwaved Tandoori Chicken
    Microwaved Tandoori Chicken

    Tandoori chicken is one of the most popular dishes in India. A tasty preparation with marinated chicken pieces mixed with ginger, garlic, coriander powder, black pepper, fresh cream, salt, and yogurt. The microwave version is fast to make but as succulent as the traditionally cooked ones. So the next time you have guests over, make your favourite chicken recipe in a microwave in super quick time.

  9. Vegetable Biryani
    Vegetable Biryani

    Biryani is one of the most popular Indian rice delicacy globally. A must have item in any restaurant, wedding, parties or other occasions, it is a perfect mix of vegetables and rice cooked with aromatic spices, ginger, garlic, green chilies & coconut paste. The biryani is a wholesome meal all by itself and served with a side dish of raita or curd. If you thought that making biryani is time consuming, now you can make this scrumptious rice dish any time and that too in just 30 minutes in a microwave!

  10. Gajar Ka Halwa
    Gajar ka Halwa

    India's all-time favourite desi dessert. Plenty of nutrition and plenty of taste this preparation is a delicious mix of carrots and condensed milk cooked in a microwave and garnished with sliced almonds, cardamom powder and desi ghee… all in less than 30 minutes!

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