Decision of buying an AC needs to be well thought of, as it is an asset that stays with you for years. There a few basic parameters that the buyer should weigh before buying an Air Conditioner.

  1. The right AIR CONDITIONING: Choosing the right air conditioner is an extremely crucial aspect.

    A split AC is a good choice for keeping your home cool during the hot days. They are not only Cost-effective to install but amazingly quiet when in use. As the fan and condenser are located in the outdoor unit, it makes sure you get a peaceful cool room. Further, the indoor unit of Split AC is compact and blends well with the décor rather than the big window AC which even blocks your window.

  2. The right CAPACITY: Cooling capacity is one of the most essential factors taken into account while buying an AC. A higher capacity AC is required if there are multiple windows in the room, if the house is at the top floor or the room is sun facing. These factors impact the cooling effectiveness of the AC and demand a powerful AC.

  3. INSTALLING the AC: Closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions, try and install the air conditioner in a shaded place to maximize the cooling efficiency.

  4. CONDENSING COIL: There are two types of condensing coils inside the cooling unit of the AC. First is the aluminium coil and second is the copper coil. AC with aluminium coil are less expensive, but copper coils are recommended over aluminium coil as copper is a better conductor of heat. Also, if there is a leakage in the aluminium coil, it cannot be repaired.

  5. MAINTENANCE of the AC: Maintaining the AC is as simple as cleaning the air filter and regularly vacuuming the unit to prevent dirt collection.

  6. EER: EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measure of how electricity efficient your air conditioning unit is. Higher the number of stars, lesser electricity consumption and thus less the operating cost each year.

So, make your choice considering the above features and have a Happy shopping.