Imagine yourself taking a big bite of that hot ‘n’ fried Aloo Samosa! CRUNCH!! Feel the crunchiness in your mouth. No doubt, your taste buds are having a feast, but certainly not your health. Well, how happy could we be if we get to eat this tasty, crunchy, fried food more often and that too without worrying about its side-effect! Believe it or not, this is something that every foodie wishes for.

Now you can enjoy your favorite fried food ranging from vegetable chips to traditional French fries guilt free. All thanks to the innovative mechanism incorporated inside the advanced and revolutionary Oxy Fryer by KenStar. It allows you to prepare healthier versions of your family’s favorite foods by frying them using air instead of oil. After all, cooking healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste. KenStar’s Oxy Fryer is an ideal solution to the unhealthiness of oily fried food cravings. Wondering, how? Read below:

Oil free frying for Health: The Oxy Fryer uses air instead of oil to fry your favorite food which is not only crispier on the outside and tender in the inside, but also healthy at the same time. Unlike, normal frying Oxy Fryer doesn’t impact the nutrition value of the food; in fact, it retains the maximum nutrients and ensures that your cholesterol levels are in check! It makes the healthy fried food taste great with amazing texture.

Safety from Oil Splash: There’s always a risk of oil splash when putting the scrumptious pieces of aloo samosa or pakoras in the frying pan. With Oxy Fryer, there is no such risk as the Oxy Fryer uses very little or no oil for your dish. You can now cook freely, even if your kids are around!

Stunning looks: The striking and compact design of Oxy Fryer not only allows it to fit in the kitchen space easily, but also complements the kitchen design. The cherry red color enhances the beauty and looks of your kitchen.

Smart Functions: Make your life smarter! The Dual Indicator in Oxy Fryer keeps you aware of when it is “switched on” or on the “heating mode”. In addition, the device features a smart sensor that turns it off when the Food basket is Open.

Easy to ‘handle’: The Hidden handle on the top of the Oxy Fryer makes it much easier to carry it anywhere. Also, when not in use or not required, it can be pushed inside to make the Oxy Fryer look even more sleek.

Easy to Clean: Oxy Fryer comes with a 3L food basket that is large enough to cook food for the entire family. Food basket is non-stick, easy to clean and can be taken out for cleaning with the simple push of a button.

We, Indians absolutely love our delicacies. Be it our traditional everyday meal or the festive dishes, frying is simply unavoidable and now with Kenstar’s revolutionary Oxy Fryer, you can enjoy these mouth watering dishes without any guilt. With the Kenstar’s Oxy Fryer you can fry much healthier… with air!